Rules and Regulations

2021 Inspire National Dance Competition

Official Rules & Regulations



Please read carefully.  Failure to comply with the rules below could result in disqualification.

Many events sell out in advance!  To reserve your spot (no minimum required), please log-in to your DanceCompGenie account and select your event, then enter the estimated number of routines.  Entries must be submitted and paid in full at least 30 days prior to the event or your place may be released to accommodate other studios.
For studios and dancers - no additional fees!
Each dancer registered will receive UNLIMITED download access to ALL of their videos.

*The following guidelines are suggestions to be used in determining the appropriate level placement for each routine.  Because no competition can possibly know how many hours a child dances or for how many years they have danced, it is up to the discretion of the Studio Director to determine the division placement of their dancers.  Routines that are obviously under-placed may be elevated by the Judges or Inspire Management.  All decisions are final.


*In a mixed Recreational/Competition/Competition Elite group routine, at least 50% of the dancers must be from the division they are competing in.  Routines that are moved to the Competition Elite Division by Judges/Inspire Management will be exempt from this rule.


Technical Specifics & Guidelines


Recreational Division – For dancers with little or no competition experience who take 3 hours or less of class per week.    Recreational dancers should have minimal competition experience (less than 2 years). There will be no redeemable gift certificates in this division.  Inspire All Stars will not be selected from the Recreational Division.  There will be a presentation of top scores.  Groups may be placed in the recreational division only if that group is made-up of at least 50% recreational dancers.  


Competition Division – For dancers who take 3-6 hours of class per week and/or have participated in competitions for 3-5 years.


Competition Elite Division – For dancers who take 7+ hours of class per week and/or have 6+ years of competition experience.


Pro/Am Division – Any act in which a teacher 20 years of age and above performs. All Pro/Am performances are ineligible for Top Score of the Day Awards or Cash prizes. Student teachers ages 19 and under are permitted to compete in other competitive levels.  The Pro/Am division will be scored on the Competition Elite Level Scoring system.


Type                         Time Limit                                Max # Dancers                                                  Entry Fee



 Small Grp                     

 Large Grp              

 Super Line*                                                                                                


-There is a fee to exceed the maximum allowed time limit.

-No changes (Division, Age or Group) will be allowed after Monday the week of the competition.              

*Super Lines - performances can portray a theme or style of dance, but should not portray a storyline, plot or narrative.       

**Production - performances must portray a storyline, plot or narrative throughout, resembling that of a film, book, play, musical, etc. Props are mandatory and must be hand-held or free standing.

      *There is a fee to exceed the maximum allowed time limit.  No entries longer than 10 minutes will be accepted.

       *No changes (Division, Age or Group) will be allowed after Monday the week of the competition.            













Please register for a Studio

Center Account for information on Entry Fees.


Studio Director may contact Inspire Management at:



Determined by using average age of the dancer(s) as of January 1, 2021.  Do NOT round up.  Dancers maintain their Regional Age at the Nationals.  You must recalculate the average age of a routine for Nationals if any of the dancers in a routine changes.


 Mini:  6 & under       Petite:  7 - 8        Junior:  9-11      Teen:  12-14      Senior:  15-19      Adult:  20 & Older



All solos, duet/trios and groups will be judged on a point system.  In the case of a tie, the Judges will select the high score winner.  Each studio will receive a digital video recording of the judges' critiques of their studio's entries.  Judges scores may also be accessed online.  All scoring is completed electronically.  In the event of technical malfunctioning, judge scores and feedback may be provided in a written format.



          Technical Ability:                        35%                                Choreography/Routine:              20%   

          Synchronization/Execution:     25%                                Presentation/Performance:       20%


Scoring Scale                                                           

                                     Competition Elite Division                          Competition Division                             Recreational Division

Platinum Elite                            285-300                                                      280-300                                                  275-300

Platinum                                    270-284.9                                                   260-279.9                                              250-274.9

High Gold                                  255-269.9                                                   240-259.9                                              225-249.9

Gold                                           240-254.9                                                   220-239.9                                              200-224.9

High Silver                                 225-239.9                                                  200-219.9                                              175-199.9        


General Awards

Each entry will be adjudicated and receive an award indicating their entry’s achievement based on the scoring system for each level of competition.

Overall Top Awards

*Overall Awards will be presented to the TOP scoring entries in each level of competition.   Inspire will determine if the Top 10, Top 5, Top 3 or the Top Overall 1st place entry will be recognized during the Overall Awards.  This will be based on the number of entries at the regional competition.


Achievement & Choreography Awards

*Our judges will select certain outstanding performances for achievement awards


Inspire All Stars

Dancers competing in the Competition and Competition Elite Divisions will be eligible to be selected for the Inspire All Stars.   These dancers will be invited to perform in the Inspire All Star Opening Number at our 2020 Nationals Event.




                                       Includes classical or contemporary ballet technique.  Ballet slippers only.

                                       Includes classical or contemporary pointe technique and steps.  Pointe shoes only.

                                       Routine should demonstrate balance, extension, isolations and control set to the mood or lyrics or the music.

                                       Routine incorporates lyrical or jazz movement fused with modern elements.

                                       Includes modern technique movements.

                                       Routine consists of traditional jazz movements and technique.

                                       Routine must contain tap technique.

                                       Routine utilizes either traditional or contemporary clogging technique and style.


*In the above performance categories, only three gymnastic tricks are permissible.  A deduction of 1 point per judge will result for routines that do not comply.  Minimum lip syncing and talking are permitted if a character is not portrayed.


                                       Includes street or jazz funk technique.  No suggestive moves or inappropriate music allowed.

                                       Routine consisting of any of our listed categories or combinations of listed category styles.

                                       A routine interpreting a song from a Broadway or Movie Musical.

                                       Routine combining gymnastics and dance choreography.  Must contain at least 50% dance choreography.

                                       Routine is performed with pom pons for at least 75% of the routine.

                                       Includes vocal presentation. Accompaniment must be on tape. No lead vocals permitted on tape,

                                       backup voices only will be permitted.






Modern                                .

Jazz                                       .







Musical Theatre        


Pom Pon                     


"Title" (Regional & National)

Soloists have the opportunity to complete in a "Title Competition"It is available to all levels of dancers: Recreational, Competition & Competition Elite.   Soloist may enter one or more routines for the "Title" division and this will need to be indicated when registering.  Studio Owners can register their dancers through their DanceCompGenie Account.  A Platinum or Platinum Elite Score must be received to qualify to be a Title Winner. Regional Title winners will receive a Trophy, Tiara (Miss) and Scholarships (for specific age groups).  The cost for the Regional Title Competition is $45.  All Regional Title performers will also be eligible to compete in our Nationals Title competition. 

Studio Awards

Inspire will award the INSPIRE Studio of Excellence Award to the studio with the highest scoring group routine (small group, large group, super line, production) at each regional event.

Inspire will also award the Most Entertaining Studio Award, Studio Spirit Award, and Studio Sportsmanship Award based on the principles of competition and family values that we honor.

Photogenic Entry

Photogenic entries are to be entered the day of competition only.  Photograph size is a color 5x7 or 8x10.  You will fill out an entry form at the merchandise table when you check in the day of competition.  Photographs will not be returned.  In addition to the award, the winning entries will appear online and in the Finals Program Books.  Cost is $40/entry.  We also offer a separate Online Photogenic Competition for the 2021 "Face of Inspire".  If an image is entered in the regional photogenic competition it may be entered in the online competition for an additional $30 fee.

Independent Entries

We do not accept independent entries.  A dance studio attending the competition must register each entry within the DanceCompGenie platform.  Each studio is required to bring a minimum of TWO (2) performing individuals.  This rule does not apply to soloists that qualify for Nationals.  Independent dancers can register for INSPIRE Intensive Conventions.


Advanced submission of music should be submitted online through the  DanceCompGenie Studio Center as an mp3.  Please verify that all music uploads are the correct versions of the song.  These must be submitted  4 DAYS PRIOR to the date of the competition.


Studios must bring a backup for ALL music.  We do require backup music in the form of USB to be brought to the event.  Please label your USB with your studio name.  USB files must be labeled with the three-digit entry number and Routine Title.  For Example: 007 Pretty Ladies


 All music must be recorded at the proper speed and should be a good high quality recording.  No Tap sounds are allowed  on master CD recordings for entries in the Tap category.  INSPIRE is not responsible for music left at the show.

Any music or performances which contains inappropriate content or profanity will result in at least a 5-Point Penalty.  Note:  If you are questioning if your music is appropriate, please send us your music in advance and we will check it.




Competition Schedule

A confirmation of your studio’s entries will be sent through the email address which is associated with your Dancecomp Genie Account.  Please review and insure entries are in the proper categories, performance levels and age divisions.  Once the final schedule is completed, the ability to make changes and/or corrections is considerably limited, if not impossible.


When possible, every Regional schedule is based on the breakdown of entries by division level and type (solo, duet/trio, groups, lines and productions) for that particular city.  Dancer must be ready to perform 1 ½ hours before their scheduled time.


A final schedule will be available to each studio 3 days (or before if available) prior to the first day of competition.


INSPIRE does not have a set schedule.  Schedules are formulated based on the number and type of entries received to best serve the majority of participants.  INSPIRE will attempt to accommodate scheduling requests, however, due to the amount of requests received, it is not always possible to accommodate everyone.



The placement and removal of props, mats, etc., must be completed by a representative from your studio within 1 minute.  If the prop set-up will exceed the 1 minute time limit, please speak to the backstage manager.  Additional fees and/or a point deduction may apply if set-up exceeds the time limit.  **Productions will be allocated additional time based on need.  This will be decided by the backstage manager.  No form of liquid, gel, glitter or other substance may be used that would affect the dancing surface.  No items may be thrown or shot off the front of the stage.  Props should not be built backstage (see Stage manager for accommodations).  For safety measures, performers cannot stand above 6’6” on the prop.  Props which exceed 10’6” in height cannot be guaranteed to fit on stage.  Inspire will not supply power.  Inspire is not responsible for props left overnight or unattended during the event.

Dressing Rooms

In the majority of venues dressing rooms will be assigned.  All studio representative, parents, dancers and items must remain in your assigned dressing room space.  Inspire cannot be responsible for any items left in the dressing room during or after the event.  Men are not allowed in the assigned dressing rooms.  There will be spaces designated for boys and men dressing.  We ask that all studio owners check their dressing rooms at the end of each day to ensure that the space is neat, orderly and that all personal items are collected.

Family Environment

This is a family event, sexually explicit dance, costumes or music will not be tolerated.  Any music or performances which contain inappropriate content or profanity will result in at least a 5-Point Penalty.  This will be determined by Inspire Management



There is no limit to the number of entries a studio may perform.  All routines will be adjudicated.



Except for technical difficulties on the part of Inspire, re-performance of any routine will be adjudicated only.  Please see stage director for additional information.


Video & Photography

No video cameras of any kind will be allowed during performances.  The use of any type of video camera during the competition will result in a point deduction, the disqualification of a number or the disqualification of a studio.  Please inform parents of this rule to avoid conflicts.  During some events there will be a professional photographer present.  At these events photos may be purchased.  If there is not a photographer present at the event, then we will offer a reserved section for one person per studio.  This person will receive a badge to take photos of their performances.  Flash photography is NOT allowed during any performances.  You may use flash photography and video during the awards ceremony.



Inspire, its staff, the hotel, theater or site of the competition will not be responsible for any accident or injury that may occur to anyone participating and/or attending these events.  Inspire cannot be held responsible for unforeseen flaws in theatre stages that may inadvertently lead to the causing of an accident.  Persons entering the competition and/or participating as a spectator or in any other aspect MUST assume the responsibility for any unforeseen injury.  It is the responsibility of the dance teacher and/or person in charge of the participating entries to educate them and other attendees from their studio as to these rules and policies.

Inspire reserves the right to cancel any competition due to weather, pandemic or any other circumstances deemed necessary. In case of cancellation, all registration fees will be promptly refunded. Inspire reserves the right to move the competition location due to unforeseen circumstances. 




All Entries must be submitted Online through the dancecompgenie account.   We do not accept Independent Entries.  Registration is accepted on a first come first served basis and is limited to the amount of competition time available. This varies by city. Many of our events reach capacity well before the deadline and any entries exceeding the limit will be turned away. 


Early Bird Discount

In order to receive the Inspire Early Bird Discount, all entries must be submitted online and PAID  45 days prior to the competition starting date.


Full Payment

Payment by check is appreciated and can be mailed to 29 Redington Drive, Brunswick, GA  31523 (New Address).  Studio directors may also send a cashier's check.  Payment may be made by credit card through the registration system only.  We cannot accept credit card payment over the phone.  Only VISA & Mastercard will be accepted.  We DO NOT accept American Express.  A 3% service charge will be added to all credit card payments. 


A 50% deposit must be received 30 days prior to the event. Full payment must be received at least 15 days prior to the competition date or a late charge per entry will be accessed.  A $35 fee will apply to all returned checks. Returned checks will automatically be turned over to an outside Collections Agency and/or the Solicitor’s office. Absolutely no personal checks or credit card payments for entries will be taken at the event, and any unpaid entries will not be allowed to perform.​


No refund(s) of fees will be given after the deadline date (14 days prior to the event).  A credit for another regional    

competition or nationals for the current or following year will be issued to the studio in the event that a dancer is unable

to perform. 

Inspire NDC reserves the right to alter or make adjustments to these rules and guidelines as they deem necessary.